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Proposal Stories...

Photo Credit: Clara Richardson

I do love a good proposal story, don’t you?

Although the words may change slightly over time and the memory of all the little details may fade, you’ll never forget how excited and happy you felt that day!

I’m thrilled to feature this eclectically beautiful collection of real proposal stories from real couples who kindly agreed to share them via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and emails.

Some of the stories are filled with big, romantic gestures, others are laced with sweet, subtle moments. All of them ended with a resounding ‘YES!’.

So grab yourself a nice hot cuppa and put your feet up, it’s story time…

Proposal Stories...

Some of my favourite bloggers and wedding industry folk chimed in with their stories…

Christie of Mountainside Bride

We both stood, hand in hand, looking at the Great Smoky Mountains. “I thought of proposing in a nice restaurant,” he said, “but I wanted to pick a place that would be here forever for you.”

Sara of Burnett’s Boards

I was still living in Houston at the time, he flew me out to Honolulu for Valentines weekend and proposed at our favorite beachside restaurant, where 6 years earlier we’d made a deal (as friends) that if we weren’t married in 10 years date we’d get married. I’m glad it didn’t take us the whole 10 years to fall in love! Everyone along the beach and at the restaurant’s lawn tables started cheering and clapping when he went down on one knee.

Photo Credit: Chris Emeott

Louise of Bow Occasions

Hubby booked a trip away to Turin, Italy for my birthday and as I always said I didn’t want him to propose at Christmas or on my birthday, I really didn’t think it would happen then… First surprise! Two days before my birthday he was so keen to take the cable car up the mountains but when we got there it was shut…He was really upset about it and I really couldn’t understand why we had to go on that day. He then tried to look for a bus up there but they weren’t running either. Bless him, he was very disappointed but as there was no way up there, we made plans to go to the old Winter Olympics village instead which is now pretty much a shopping centre. As we were walking back out over the Olympic bridge, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was so sweet but not as I think he had planned it bless him. The reason we had to get engaged on that day was he had a ring made with the date stamped on it so it couldn’t have been any other day. It’s a great reminder of the date he proposed and every time I look at it, the story comes flooding back.

Kitty Westhorp (via Facebook)

Our proposal was premature, he was planning to do it a few weeks later on our anniversary weekend in London, but after our film night included two wedding related films he couldn’t wait and did it there and then in our living room! Tamiya Tim Tam O’Rourke (via Facebook)

It was christmas morning, I opened the massive box he gave me to find two presents inside. Opened the first and then the second which was a Bryce Courtenay book. I was excited to get the book as I love Bryce. I opened the book as there was a bookmark inside. Looked at the bookmark that said ‘love’ and I was all like aww, then noticed that there was a ring tied to the book mark. I thought it was all part of the bookmark till my now fiance said babe that ring is an engagemenr ring. In front of his four beautiful children he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry us. I was so surprised and shaking I couldnt get the ring off the bookmark so he had to! It was so sweet. He told me he had it planned for weeks and asked my father’s permission on christmas eve and called my mother and step father to ask permission about two weeks before. My mum and his helped with the ring choice. That was special as my mum lives interstate, so it was nice he involved her.

Photo Credit: Laura Murray

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