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"P" Does Not Stand For "Professional"

In the ever changing world of photography, I am so sad to hear most of our new clients have had a terrible experience with another studio/photographer. My studio thrives on our repeat clients and word of mouth referrals from friends and family. I would like to think that so many clients return year after year and recommend us because of our knowledge and expertise in our services, products, and the industry. I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for saying this, but just because you own a DSLR, does not make you a professional photographer. It makes you a person who owns a 'nice' camera. With that said, it doesn't mean that you won't become a professional photographer; it just means you're doing somebody a huge disservice if you think the "P" on your camera settings stands for "Pro".

The photography industry has been flooded with "Pro-Sumers" (Consumers + Professionals) - who have little to no training/knowledge of post-production software, store their 'clients' files on the C:/ drive, think they can calibrate colors on a laptop monitor, and have little to no understanding of giclee printing and quality. But, "P" stands for "Professional", right!??

Just as if a person owns a 'nice' camera, doesn't make them a professional - the same can be said about lab techs. If you print your pictures at the same place you buy milk and pick up prescriptions, chances are the person behind the counter of the 1-Hour Photo Lab only knows how to press the start button and isn't paid to know very much else.

There are so many uninformed/misinformed people out there working in the photography industry that it's created A LOT of confusion and frustration. For both the actual professional photographers and prospective clients. I hope you enjoy and learn a little something from the stories (or 'misadventures') that I am about to share with you,


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