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What's Next?
After your images have been captured...

All the images captured from your session/event will be uploaded to your private online proofing gallery! Please visit and follow the on-screen instructions. (Select your session style & session year. All sessions with that criteria will populate and you can find your gallery in alphabetical order by last name used at the time of booking.) 

Please take a moment and run through your gallery to make sure everything you anticipated was successfully captured - if you are not satisfied for any reason, please call the studio immediately so your concerns can be addressed and resolved before you leave The Emerald Coast.  

What was captured?

Your proofing gallery has not been edited and is for proofing only. Your shopping cart and share link for social media will be activated when your selected images have been identified and edited. The faster we can identify your favorite images from your session, the faster your final gallery will be edited and published. There is no rush, but I am always available for my clients. Please do not hesitate to email or call 850-404-2242. (Text messages are not received or responded to on the studio line. Please call or email!)

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Pick your favorites

Each image has a proprietary number starting with DP or IMG, followed by a four or six digital number. This number appears BELOW your images on the thumbnail gallery. This number also appears on the zoomed image or in the slideshow in the BOTTOM LEFTHAND CORNER. ONLY THE LAST FOUR NUMBERS ARE NEEDED to identify your favorite images from your session.
Clients typically end up with 10-15% of the number of images captured from their session edited and published in their final gallery. This is not a requirement, please choose ANY mages that speak to your heart - this way you'll always have them available in your final gallery. (There is never any requirement to purchase these images unless you order prints, products or purchase a studio print release.)

Zoom Consultation

The beautify of technology! I can share my screen with you or other households from your session at any time, across all devices, around the world, simultaneously or independently. The only requirement on your end is an internet connection. encourages setting up a zoom call once you and/or other members from your session have had time to review your initial proofing gallery (on average a week or so after your vacation has ended and you've returned home). With, you'll never have to stop your vacation to return to a studio for a sales consultation! (Although, this option is always available - I want you to maximize your vacation fun with the limited time you have.)

Video call
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Before  and  After!

Post Production

After you've identified your favorite images from your session, the post-production work can begin! Your gallery is placed in queue (in order in which received) and your favorite images are edited/touched up on a case-by-case basis. Basic edits include: color correction, straightening horizon lines, removing random people in the distance/background, calming down fly-away strands of hair, blemish and tan-line removal, sandprint touchups, mild seagrass removal and even eliminating bumps, bruises, fine lines and wrinkle reduction! BASIC EDITING IS COMPLEMENTARY! 

Advanced editing such as body contouring, building removal, head-swaps, background swaps, transition lens fading, teeth whitening, braces removal, false sky placements, hair swapping, pixel painting, composite art, airbrushing logos/colors on/off clothes, and removing or placing someone in or out of an image takes additional time and may require an additional post-production fee. Please discuss this with me so your final gallery is everything you hoped for and more! 

Final Gallery

As soon as your selected images have been completed by post-production, your edited gallery images will replace your proofing gallery images and you will be notified via email. You're also welcome to refresh your gallery link at anytime to check manually. Your finished gallery will showcase all of your selected images, fully edited to the expectations discussed beforehand and ready to showoff to your friends, family, and social media tribe! Social media links and direct shares are enabled along with a shopping cart for all your images to become treasured heirlooms for your family to enjoy for generations to come! 

We strive for clients final galleries to be edited and published within 10 days of your zoom consultation or written confirmation of the image numbers provided via email. Peak season, special events, lots of advanced editing, and long queues may increase your turn-around time. You will be provided with a completion date during our zoom or via email confirmation. Rest assure, we have several production artists waiting in the wings to help mitigate and manage my client's turn-around time in the event finds any delays in timelines.

RUSH! 48 HOUR TURN-AROUND ON 50 IMAGES OR LESS $2/PER IMAGE. Billed at the time order submitted and must be paid before rush-production can begin.

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