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Q: Does your studio shoot on film or digital?
A: Digital. While Jennifer was formally trained in film/darkroom processing and holds a Masters Degree in Fine Art Photography from Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, GA. In 2006 I converted all of my cameras and studio equipment over to digital. Technology had finally become comparable to medium and large format cameras, thus enabling my studio to produce large prints/products for my clients without compromising the quality or integrity of the image.  
Q: Do you edit your client's images?
A: Yes. We tend to 'overshoot' to ensure our clients receive a variety of images to choose from. Approximately 40% of our sessions are posed, while the other 60% is candid. During your session, Your photographer will engage and 'create moments of opportunity' that allow your personalities to shine. Once the session is complete, we go through and pull out eyes closed, hair in the face, bad facial expressions, etc. The best images are then enhanced, and touched up on a case by case basis. Unlike some studios who charge for 'touch-up fees' we are happy to touch up bags under the eyes, crow's feet, scow lines, blemishes, scraped knees, etc. We want you to absolutely love your pictures! *Note: Extensive editing such as switching heads in group shots, tattoo removal, changing the background, etc. requires additional time during post-production and may incur an additional fee. Any additional service fees are discussed in detail with our clients prior to any work being preformed. You NEVER need to be concerned about any 'hidden fees' with   


Q: How long does it take after the session/event for your clients to view their pictures'? 
A: This depends on several factors. Studio Proofing Galleries are published within one to three business days of the capture date. I always communicate with my clients about when you can expect to see the edited collection of images from our studio before, during, and after your session. We know you're anxious to see your pictures; and because of this, we always pull a few stand-out images from your session and 'tease' you with them on our social media page within a few days of your session. **Peak Season (Memorial Day thru Labor Day) on The Emerald Coast may incur a 20-30% increase in turnaround time. Your patience and grace is greatly appreciated as I work seven-days-a-week shooting, editing, and publishing hundreds of galleries all with the same quality and attention to detail provided to the one before it. 
Q: How do your clients access/view their pictures once they are available?

A: By popular demand! loads your session images to Whether you view your hyperlink on an android/apple/windows phone, tablet, or personal computer - your can access your gallery on-the-go and always have them at your finger tips. 
*Note: We gladly offer physical proofs/books as well! We actually recommend it because when we print your proofs and you hold them in your hands - you will know exactly what kind of quality to expect from the studio's Heirloom Collection.
Q: What happens next? How do I get my pictures off of the webpage? 
A: Call or email us! | 850-755-2611 or | The Studio Proofing Gallery images are tastefully watermarked and the 'download' option is not available during the proofing process. offers a large assortment of prints and products, please give us a call so we can accommodate your needs.  
Q: Do you sell the high-resolution files? 
A: Yes. offers an Upgraded Gallery with Studio Print Releases $5.00/per file. (20 image file minimum.) Upon purchasing the Studio Print Release (sold separately from session fee) from, the primary Name on the session will be emailed a hyperlink (private website) through where we load the selected images (edited) UNWATERMARKED High-Resolution files (4k/Original), so you can download the high-resolution files and save them on your computer, thumb drive or external hard drive. We always recommend downloading your high resolution files ASAP and backing them up on a thumb drive or external disk!

    Personalized Crystal Thumb Drives with Oak Keepsake Boxes are available too! (Sold separately $74.99 +Tax) 

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Hair swap due to windy day at the beach.

Why I Edit...

BEFORE - Straight from camera

AFTER - Basic Post Production Editing by

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